Hello Gorgeous!

Are you a coach, entrepreneur, or service based business? 

Are you struggling to break through the ceiling and start generating those $5-10k months and feel stuck making "minimum wage?" 

Do you ever wonder what's the secret sauce to consistently bringing in that money month after month?

Today, I'm going to share with you 5 big shifts you can implement in your business that can help you generate $10k months. 

After years of being at this level and beyond, helping my clients hit this milestone of income and impact, as well as working with multi-millionaire mentors these are the 5 big shifts I have noticed those who are at this level have implemented time and time again! Let's dive in!


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#1 Unleashing your inner Superstar and LEADER!

I know, you are probably thinking what most do, and picturing the chick who smells her armpits from the movie Superstar lol.

In all seriousness, we all have this superstar or ROCKSTAR within us. The difference between those who are industry leaders and those still struggling, is the person you BECOME BEFORE the money shows up. It is a level of self-permission you haven't given yourself, or don't yet SEE in you.

See yourself as a leader, see yourself as powerful. Change your mindset and become that bad a** woman you're supposed to become. To do this you MUST shift your focus from all your supposed "failures" and feeling like you aren't good enough, to KNOWING you are more than deserving of all the success in the world, and focusing on all the ways you ARE already a leader. Then continuing to embody that on a daily basis. What would you say/do/think if money wasn't the issue, and there was NO consequences? What would you want to put out in the world? 

Not to be morbid, but say you only have 7 days to live and didn't NEED to make any money and just needed to leave your legacy in the world. What message would you share? Would your fear of XYZ thing you've been worrying about matter as much? Speak your TRUTH sis and watch your soul tribe come by the flocks!

#2 Knowing Why You are Unique and what your "Money Maker" is

Why should people want to work with you vs someone else who provides the same/similar service? You've got to figure that out and OWN it. You have to determine your unique value proposition, or as I call it, your money maker. And no, I'm not talking about twerking and booty shaking. Although that's fun too lol.

But it does involve figuring out your unique value proposition. It can be in the specific audience you serve that no one else really does,  your unique approach, and/or the specific result that you get people. 

#3 Step onto your "virtual stage"

A virtual stage can be anything. It can be live video, a webinar, a masterclass, or even something pre-recorded. You need to step up to your virtual stage and own it. For me, my most commonly used virtual stage is live video. But it doesn't have to be yours. If you prefer webinars with slides, or even podcasts, you do you, boo! The point is, you NEED at least one and to let people see you shine from that stage many times.

The first two steps are huge fundamental shifts that need to be put in place first. Once you have those down, it's time to get out on your virtual stage and shine. It's no secret that live video is one of the best ways to get noticed and brand yourself online as an expert in your niche. One of the biggest stumbling blocks that I see is people don't know how to leverage this incredible tool, they don't know how to unleash that inner superstar and that inner leader within them on this virtual stage, and that's why they're not able to really monetize it and make it work for them the way my clients and I have.

If you haven't already, make sure you grab my Live Video Script to get you going on the right foot with live video

#4 Growing a targeted and engaged audience 

Unlike what you are used to hearing, a small audience equals big profits. Why is that? Because unlike popular opinion, more followers does not equal more money. It's a mistake to build a following that's not targeted and it's not people who actually want what you have to offer. You see people all the time buying followers, or trying to get everyone and their grandma to like their fan page, or follow them to look more "credible."

But guess what? Unless they are your target audience, they're not going to engage with your content, let alone buy from you! Which means your content will get shown less and less, leaving you feeling like you are back at square one. It's not worth it. Spend your time and energy getting people into your audience who could be potential clients even if it means LESS followers at first.

#5 Getting help from a mentor/coach who is where you want to be!

I have found people fall into a couple categories.

They either think they can go at it alone, googling everything and thinking courses and mentoring is a waste of money.

There's the others who KNOW they need help but are making every excuse in the world as to why now is not the time, they can't afford it, maybe SOMEDAY, etc.

Then there's those who know they can NOT do this alone, get resourceful and find a way to get the support they require. Care to guess which ones go on to see the success they crave?

Every successful person has had a mentor or support. Even and especially professional athletes whom we would think don't need any extra help cause they've "made it". Every wise individual knows you can only get so far alone. Instead of being a slave to your business and trying to do it alone, get the support. Find someone you resonate with, who has already achieved what you are looking to do and has helped others to and find a way to work with them. You won't regret it.

I hit my first $10K month after hiring a private coach to help me! It was NOT cheap, but I was in it to win it, got out of my own way and made my investment back within 2 weeks!


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the 5 big shifts. In my free masterclass, I go much deeper into each one of these and show you how you can make these work for you and your expert brand.

You can sign up for my free masterclass here, and watch all of these shifts come together in-depth.





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