The Myth

I see so many amazing women out there, with incredible knowledge, expertise and talent, holding themselves back, lacking confidence in themselves and in their message, just because they are NEW in the online space and they are facing a new environment and situation.

Many think they have to be a huge "Tony Robbins" or "Marie Forleo" type of name to call themselves an "expert" or to help others.

Or they believe all they need to have a successful business is the “secret formula” or strategy and they will be set.

This is simply not true. There are many successful "experts" out there who are making multiple 6 figures by just being 2 or 3 steps ahead of their ideal clients.

If you see many others out there doing what you want to do, or something similar, don't get discouraged and lose confidence. This is actually a VERY GOOD thing, that means there is a profitable market for your niche, however....

Without the fierce confidence in yourself and your offering, you will not take the actions necessary to thrive in your online business, regardless of your amazing strategy, website, etc.

Lack of confidence is one of the top reasons that 99% of women entrepreneurs FAIL as business owners. This lack of confidence and fear keeps you from allowing yourself to be visible, which, if you can't be visible, how can you expect to see CLIENTS coming to you if they don't KNOW about you?!

When you have fierce self-confidence, you will take massive action and implement the correct strategies right away and be on the fast-track to success. You will attract clients that see you as you see yourself, as someone who is HIGH-VALUE!

When this is missing, you will procrastinate, attract “cheap” clients, waste time, hide from being seen, suffer from “shiny-object syndrome” and delay your success. So with that, I want to share with you today:

5 Steps to Confidence in Your Skills and Who you Can Best Serve

1. Ask yourself the following questions and do a brain dump: What do others always seek me out for often? What advice do I find myself preaching frequently? Take notice of patterns and connections.

Example: For me all my friends and coworkers would tell me that I was really good at fashion, beauty, and fitness and that led me to starting a fashion and fitness blog, which was my first dabble at an online business and brand. 

If you have multiple passions, stop sitting in analysis paralysis and just start exploring those passions, one by one. Had I not explored my passions around beauty, fashion and fitness, I would NOT have gotten to the point I am now in my business. You will learn along the way what it is you want to be doing day in and day out. For me, I realized writing blogs multiple times a week didn't give me the more intimate connection I craved and that is what led me to starting my coaching business. I would have NEVER learned this had I not moved forward and pursued my blog idea!

Once you have explored and done a brain dump of all your passions and what others are coming to you for....take notice of patterns in these two lists, and start narrowing down.

2. What are your TOP 2 passions? What lights you up most?

You should be able to pick out the top TWO of these that you are most excited about. If not...please borrow the following practical advice my dear husband so kindly contributed to this post :):

"Need a quick way to choose? Use the revolver to the head method. Imagine you only have 30 seconds to make a decision. If you could only do one of your passions for the rest of your life which one would you choose?  Nothing is set in stone and you can always pivot so don't get caught up in making a mistake deciding on your passion."

How's that for a "quit overthinking it" kick in the booty 😉 

3. What is a really big trial or life experience you have overcome in your life? The best expertise is personal experience.

Example: I have experienced severe depression, self-hatred and extreme low self-esteem growing up. This is what has made me so passionate about building other women's confidence and overcoming those fears and insecurities that prevent them from really showing up and claiming the dreams, success, and abundance they DESERVE!

All of these elements will become part of your brand story. This will be what your ideal clients will connect with and help them identify you as the person to help them.

4.Identify one main problem you can help others solve, create a step-by-step system that helps them achieve their desired outcome, and TEST it out!

Tip: Think about the results that you were able to achieve for yourself. What steps did you take. Brain dump your steps and organize them. Use a test group and to see if you can duplicate the results.

Never teach or coach on something you yourself have never done! Whatever you have overcome in your own experience, teach that!

5. Write out a list of all your qualifications (certifications, education, and EXPERIENCE!). If you were hiring yourself, what would you include in your “resume?”

You should also include your "references," or testimonials of those you have helped. If you are new and don't have them yet, offer short, lasered, free coaching sessions on social media in exchange for one!

Many times we FORGET just how talented and amazing we really are. This "personal resume" is something I often refer back to, whenever I am feeling insecure, start comparing myself, or go into any version of the dreaded "impostor syndrome."

You should be able to easily fill in the following:

The more specific you can fill in the following sentence, the better.

I help (Niche) to (Solve BIG Problem / Get Result) so that they can (Specific Desired Outcome).

Ex: I help women coaches, consultants and experts to create profitable, HIGHLY visible personal brands so that they can attract their dream clients and make more money with ease!

Once you get crystal clear on this, your messaging will speak to the soul of your ideal clients and they will see you as the solution to their problem.

Those who aren't clear on who they serve will NOT be compelling to anyone, because you aren't speaking to a specific pain point, and lack of clarity = lack of confidence.

Are you ready to finally get clear on who you want to serve so you can CONFIDENTLY start showing up as the go-to expert for those people who NEED your help and expertise?

Ready to leave behind the inner self-critic telling you you aren't good enough, attractive enough, talented enough, etc. to make your dreams of having a massive impact online while creating a location and financially freeing online coaching/consulting business?


Questions? Comments? Leave me some lovin' below! <3. Also, if you want to read or save this for later, pin it with the image below!

5 Steps to Fierce Confidence