Many new entrepreneurs think they have to be a huge "Tony Robbins" -esque name to call themselves an expert or to help others.
Or they believe all they need to have a successful business is the “secret formula” or strategy and they will be set.

This is simply not true. There are many successful "experts" out there who are making multiple 6 figures by just being 2 or 3 steps ahead of their ideal clients.
There are many others out there doing what you want to do, this is a GOOD thing, that means there is a profitable market, however....
Without the fierce confidence in yourself and your offering, you will not take the actions necessary to thrive in your online business, regardless of your amazing strategy, website, etc.
Lack of confidence is one of the top reasons that women entrepreneurs FAIL as business owners. 
When you have fierce self-confidence, you will take massive action and implement the correct strategies right away and be on the fast-track to success. You will attract clients that see you as you see yourself, as someone who is HIGH-VALUE!
When this is missing, you procrastinate, attract “cheap” clients, waste time, suffer from “shiny-object syndrome” and delay your success.

5 ways to get clear and confident on your skills and who you can best serve:

Ask yourself the following questions and do a brain dump: What do others always seek me out for often? What advice do I find myself preaching frequently? Take notice of patterns and connections.
What are your TOP 2 passions? What lights you up most?

If you have multiple passions, think which one would make you most excited to teach about on a daily basis?

What is a really big trial or life experience you have overcome in your life? The best expertise is personal experience.

Identify the main problem you solve for others, create a step-by-step system that helps them achieve their desired outcome, and TEST it out!

Write out a list of all your qualifications (certifications, education, and EXPERIENCE!). If you were hiring yourself, what would you include in your “resume?”