Getting Lost Discovering your Personal Brand?

Many hear about the term “branding” and immediately think LOGOS. Many also believe they must have a mind-blowing website and branding before working with clients, and that this will cost them hundreds and thousands of dollars to have, because they are not "techie.”

This is simply not true. Your personal brand is NOT just your logo, or brand fonts. You don't need a fancy logo or to hire an expensive web designer to have a gorgeous website you are proud to call your "online home" to get started.

In fact, I have seen countless of new service-based entrepreneurs and coaches having great success online with no website at all! That is of course, as long as you aren't trying to establish yourself as a professional website designer, with no website :). There are always exceptions to the rule so please use common sense. If you are a graphic designer, you probably should have a high-quality logo and even some variations of it before you advertise your professional services to the world. However, a relationship coach wanting to teach single women how to land quality dates, not so much.

What you DO need to establish yourself as an expert in the online world is a highly visible, strong personal brand and content that speaks to the heart of your ideal client

The Essence of your Personal Brand

Personal Branding is simply the art of how you establish and market yourself, and directly affects the image and impressions others perceive of you when they come in contact with you. When you have a personal brand that’s unique, authentic, and true to you, you will deeply connect with your dream tribe and attract a following that loves and raves about you and your content. It is every small detail, and every aspect of you and the whole of how it all comes together to give off a certain energy or vibe to the world. This includes your tone of voice, your personal fashion sense, how you put yourself together, your personal experiences and the passion with which you convey them, your values, what you stand for and do NOT stand for, your principles, beliefs, etc. The colors, textures, and fonts of your brand are just visual elements that can be powerful tools to emote the feelings and values that you stand for.

If you are NOT clear on what magnetizes others to you and what makes you “different,” you will get lost in the sea of sameness and have no genuine connection or engagement.

Desiree Crowley in Miami

5 Ways you Can Discover your Own Personal Brand and Start Attracting your Tribe Online.

1.Establish your core values, feel and look of your brand. Consider what first impressions you are putting out there for others, and what side of you you wish to have shine.

Also take into account your dream client, and what will communicate to them YOU have the solution to their problem. What will they feel when they see your brand? Will it communicate to them you are the expert who has the solution they most desire? Step into the shoes of the people you need to help!

2. What is YOUR story? What trials in life have you gone through that have taught you what you know and believe this day? Why are you so passionate about what you preach and teach?  Don't pretend you are perfect and have had a perfect life. You will find that the more you open up to others, the more others will flock to you and RELATE with you. They will feel connected with you and your brand and want to interact with you more. So e a REAL person.

Side Note: Being real isn't rolling out of bed and going live just to show you are "real." Doing something like this frequently can hurt your business and your brand, especially if you are a "high-end" brand commanding premium prices. Being real is talking about your personal struggles and what you have overcome in a manner that allows you to connect with your ideal client to get them to take the desired action. Good ways of connecting are vulnerability, authenticity, and honesty. 

3. Take inventory of what your closest friends and family most love about your personality? Your quirks, your sense of humor, the way you express yourself, etc. Infuse these aspects of your personality into your images, copy, and all marketing.

The same aspects of you that your closest friends and family love about you are the same ways you will magnetize your ideal clients and dream tribe.

4. Create a brand/mood board (search this in Pinterest)

Search out colors, vibes, textures, moods, etc. that really catch your attention. Pay attention to how they make you feel. You can even study your favorite famous brands, such a Nike, Apple, Kate Spade, J.Crew, Pink, etc. and take note of what you like and don't like.

About Color Psychology-

Warning: Don't get lost in what colors and symbols mean and pick colors that you don't like. You will want to love your brand and be inspired by it. So when you're picking out your brand make sure its what you want and like.

5. Up level your personal style and beauty habits. Identify and resolve limiting beliefs about your appearance or that you are just not “beautiful enough” to show up confidently online.

"If you are not happy with it, change it! If you cannot change it, EMBRACE IT SISTA!"

If you aren't where you wish to be yet work on it and keep up-leveling. Learn to love your body and everything about you, but always seek to improve your self-image and up level your health and vitality as well as your inner self-development work you are doing.

So To Sum your Personal Brand

Your personal brand will standout online if you bring in and OWN what makes you a real, relatable person. This includes your own personal story of triumphs and failures, your brand vibe that reflects what’s important to you and your message and your unique quirks that make you lovable to others.

What will make you magnetic is not so much what you present, but HOW you present it. Many others out there may be teaching the same things as you or similar, but people will be loyal to you and your brand if HOW you deliver it resonates with them.

Have you pin-pointed your personal brand you are proud to strut both online and off? Share in the comments below!