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What Clients are Saying...

"Within 2 weeks of working with Desi, I had my first 10k live stream . 6 months later, I’ve quadrupled my income! 

My life is completely different after working with Desi. Not only am I more confident in life and business but I am actually making money- A LOT of money. 

Her coaching and energy will completely shift the way you see yourself and business and you cannot afford NOT to work with her. I am on my second 1:1 package with her and thank the universe every day that I found her!"

- Suzie A. Transformational Brand Coach and Travel Influencer

"I had so many blocks around being visible and insecurities: I wondered -who will want to even see me? That type of thing. 

I got myself a major confidence transformation and got over my fears around visibility from our coaching together. 

As a result, I've landed my dream modelling and acting gigs, doubled my clients in my spiritual guidance practice and my income!"

-Sandra C. Actress, Model, and Spiritual Coach

"I enrolled FOUR new clients in less than 30 days! I currently have FOUR events scheduled to speak at in 2018! My free consult calendar has been filling up. I am showing up everyday, doing live videos every week. 

My following increased by hundreds! I was able to compare her to another mentor I had signed up with just prior, and Desiree BY FAR surpassed the other mentor's help. If you want HONEST help, Desi is your gal. 

Desiree has a gift. If you are wondering if you should work with her, DO IT!"

- Jodi W. MS, RDN-Dietitian and Transformation Coach 

"I struggled with the direction of my business, overall strategy, visibility, and being confident as an expert for 8 months! I didn't know how to get comfortable on camera and feel 100% good in my skin.  

Since working with Desiree, I've signed up my FIRST premium client after just a few sessions together! I have become much more confident on camera, and in life. I do live videos on the regular and actually enjoy them now!"

- Anya P., Nutrition Coach and Educator

"After working with Desi, I feel much more confident, and ready to attract my ideal clients like never before. I’m 100% clear on my ideal client, how I should find them, and what I should ask them about the offerings for the coming year. 

I can guarantee that her vibe and vibrancy will catapult you into massive success. It was eye-opening and so easy to work with Desi!" 

- Rachel-Yvonne M., England, Spiritual Success Coach

"After working with Desi I feel like I have a leg up on the competition. I now know not just how to build a following, but HOW to turn those social media followers into clients. I have a plan in place that will get me where I want to be because of Desi. 

The mindset strategies I learned from her help me to stay motivated, believe in myself and work through anxieties and fears I have about my business and being visible online. I now feel more confident during my sales conversations as well. She knows her stuff! I'm so happy I worked with her!!!! Definitely worth the money!" 

- Jamie M. - Wedding Photographer

"I worked with Desiree because I wasn't comfortable with being visible online especially with recording live videos. 

Desiree helped me tremendously, she gave me great strategies to implement in my business right away. 

I became instantly more confident about recording live videos. She also helped me with some aspects of my business that have been problematic for a long while. Desiree is an amazing coach. She always gives so much an truly cares about her clients."

- Janya J. - Law Of Attraction Coach

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