How to Brand Your Facebook Live Streams and Videos

Hey beauties! I want to talk to you today about how I brand my videos and live streams. I want to show you my process and talk to you about when and if you should do it.

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Should You Brand Your Videos?

So the first thing I want to talk about is whether you should even brand your live streams and videos. And the answer is, it depends. You’ll see a lot of people getting on live spontaneously. Maybe they’re outside or walking around and it’s very casual. I think it depends on the circumstance. If you’re at a a live event with tons going on in the background and you’re moving all over the place, you’re not going to be branding that type of video.

But you should try to brand your videos is if you plan to repurpose them. I believe in working smarter, not harder so if I’m going to give some tips or training of any sort, I like to have a good set up so that I can then repurpose the video if I choose to.

Typically,  I’ll end up saving those videos and either put them on YouTube or upload them to my Facebook business page, or even break them up into smaller clips. Then, you can embed them on your blog and things like that.

I haven’t really done that with Facebook though because YouTube ranks better on Google. So, for example, if someone is searching your topic like, “How to overcome so and so autoimmune disease,” YouTube has huge power on Google because they’re connected. So I put all of my live streams on my YouTube channel because it helps with that search ranking.

Repurpose Your Videos

As I mentioned earlier, you can repurpose your videos. You don't have to be constantly putting new content out there all the time or creating new content. I think the biggest thing is how you use your content. Save yourself some time and headache by taking your videos and reusing them. Make them into blog posts and social media posts.

One way to do that is to get them transcribed. I don't know about you, but I'm not really a copywriter. I'm not one to sit down behind a keyboard and write long posts. It doesn't come as natural for me and I'd rather do a video where I can express myself fully and people can see my personality, my style, and who I am. And then I repurpose the audio. I can transcribe it into blog posts and Facebook posts and use bits and pieces for other forms of social media.

That's my reasoning behind branding your live-streams. Like I said, you don't have do it for every single one of them but for me, for most of them I'm going to repurpose them and put them on other platforms, so I want them to have a nice, branded feel to them.

How to Brand Your Videos

Now, for branding your videos, the first thing I want to talk about is you as a person. This is where your brand board comes in. So you want to make sure that you've created some kind of mood board or brand board, so you know exactly what you're trying to emit; the vibes, the colors, the feels of your brand. It’s important that your videos and other content have a cohesive feel to them. So that people know it’s you and your brand.

Here’s an example of my brand. It is definitely a more feminine brand. Some of my, textures and colors are gold polka dots, stripes, white flowers, soft pink flowers, etc. That's the feel of my brand, and also for me as a person. Part of my personal brand is that I love a nice statement necklace. I love cute accessories and accessorizing and I think accessories are a really awesome way to be able to showcase our brand on ourselves. I love statement necklaces or cute scarves,  earrings, or something that's girly and feminine. And I love a good lip gloss. That's the feel of my brand and who I am and how I like to present myself on video.

Now, for you, that may be different. It doesn't always have to be accessories or makeup. Maybe you're more of a green smoothie kind of girl. Maybe you're more of a t-shirts and jean person. Or maybe you like a top bun and that's your thing, and that's what you're known for. Embrace it. Whatever it is, embrace it and bring that out on video as well. Have something that identifies you as a person, as a brand, and that stands out to people.  You want people to say, "Oh, yeah, I know exactly who she is and I know that that's her." That's the first point I wanted to make; think of yourself as a brand.

Video Set Up

The next point is your actual setup. I’ve been collecting things for the past few months that I haven’t totally finished putting together. So I’ve been doing videos with different setups, but all of the accessories work very well with my brand. And once I’ve gathered everything, my ultimate setup is going to have very branded visuals. So when you’re out and about, if you see something that looks like your brand, you might want to grab it. It will help you with branding your videos.

First thing you really should invest in should be a small stand or tripod for your phone! These are really quite inexpensive and totally worth it to have a good quality video right from your phone. This is the one I have and has worked great for me, especially when I first started streaming back in the Periscope days lol.

A couple of other things I want to mention that I like to use, especially if you're gonna repurpose your content, is something like a Røde mic. You can get it  HERE on Amazon. It gives your audio a good high quality, especially if your phone is not right next to you. And, if you ever start a podcast in the future, the audio from your video will be high quality enough to repurpose into a podcast or even audio content for your audience. Here is the one I use and love!

I also have a ring light. A ring light is amazing because it's gonna make you look so much better on camera. And it's just really good quality lighting, especially if you’re recording your videos with your phone. If you can't use natural daylight, which sometimes it just doesn't work, a ring light is the way to go. My personal favorite is this one:

If you are just starting out, however, I really recommend starting with something more simple like a Lumee Case for your phone or an attachable smart phone ring light.

As you've probably noticed, this is not only the future but it's the PRESENT of social media. The PRESENT of social media is live-streaming. So, if you haven't jumped on the bandwagon, you're getting left behind.

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