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Hello Gorgeous!

Today's topic is something that I feel is so very important, but yet it gets overlooked.

Like a lot. 

Think back to when you first started your biz.

Remember how excited you were?

I love this new freedom that I have. 
I love helping people.
I love waking up every morning and being able to do what I love. 

Did I just describe you?

I'm pretty sure I just did.

Everything is exciting at first, from tweaking and perfecting your new website, posting cute graphics and articles that you enjoy, writing blog posts, etc.

Except when you go for MONTHS, in what seems like constant business doing all sorts of things for your business, and you have yet to land your first (or consistent) clients the way you thought.

You start wondering, WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?

How come Sally sue over there is quickly on her way to a six figure business, while I can't seem to get even ONE client?

The good news?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is wrong with you! Except you need to ask better questions.....STOP ASKING your brain questions you don't want the answer to....cause this ain't a personal problem sis.

Clients aren't avoiding you because they don't like you.

99% of the time....THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU EXIST!

The bad news?

You aren't focusing on actual MONEY-MAKING activities in your business. 

You are spending waayyy too much time on things that honestly don't matter as much.

A pretty website is great, but nowadays it's just not enough to generate hot leads and clients the way we want.

Creating cute graphics on canva can be fun, but that's also not going to increase your bottom line at the end of the day.

Watching another free webinar, or downloading the next freebie you see on your newsfeed ain't it either :/ 

The question you should be asking - What activities can I do to generate revenue and income and work with clients I love and love me?

That's today topic and what I want to support you in. The actual marketing activities that WILL move the needle.

If you do these things on a consistent basis, do them with intent, and do them out of service for others, I can almost guarantee you that you are going to grow your business in an exciting way in no time!

First things first....

1- Grow your audience with your ideal clients ONLY

If you're more worried about having a specific list size, or a specific number of followers on social media, stop the popularity content madness now!

Sure, it may make you look cooler to have 5k or 10k+ followers on social media. But if none of those people are your ideal client guess what?

They ain't buying your secret sauce anytime soon!


What's worse, your engagement will be shot as well. Because if they are fake, or just not ideal clients, they won't resonate with your content. And the less engagement you get, the less your content gets shown to ANYONE. And so the cycle begins.

That might sound harsh. But why spend all that time and energy building your audience full of people who are NEVER going to buy from you, just to "look cool?"

You are way smarter than that sis. You should be building your audience from people who are you actual ideal clients.

HOW and what to build? I love social media, but if you don't have a list? You've GOT to start building yesterday.

HOW to do this? I have hours and hours of in-depth training on just this in my membership area for clients, but I'll give you three of my favorites right here right now!

  • Work with other experts who have the SAME audience and niche as you, but offer a complementary service or packages. List Building giveaways, doing IG takeovers for each other, going live in their FB groups and vice versa, etc.
  • On Instagram - do some research and learn what hashtags your people use. FOLLOW those hashtags, and engage with their posts consistently. 
  • Paid ads to targeted interests, age groups, locations, etc. that your dream clients belong to. Run traffic to a powerful, easy to consume freebie that is super duper valuable. My go-to freebie to promote to build my audience and email list specifically! Only do this with expert advice and guidance so you don't waste your money!

Once your audience is growing with ideal clients, you have to market to them!

Which brings me to the second point....

2 - Consistent Marketing = Consistent Clients

Honestly this maybe needs to go before growing your audience. I made the mistake of growing my email list by 500 in a few short weeks, and then what do you think I did?



Absolute ghost town.

I was not in the habit of consistent marketing. So these awesome targeted hot leads forgot about me. And tons of them would unsubscribe once i finally got over my excuses after a few weeks and tried reconnecting with them.

Consistency is key.

But what if you're starting out and you have a very small list or social media following?

You may think, what's the point? no one sees my stuff anyway.

I get that. I remember feeling that way too.

Good news is - EVERYONE starts somewhere. And there are awesome audience-growing strategies for every social platform. More on that on a different post.

Bad news? most people give up before they actually see the results they are looking for.

So you gotta think as the person who ALREADY has raving fans and followers, and nurture your people, whether its 5 or 500 or 5000!

The THIRD money-making activity you should focus on....

This one will be a REAL shocker if you know me lol.

3 - GO LIVE 3-4x times per week. 

Number one reason I hear for NOT going live consistently?


If this is you...what needs to become MORE scary that how you'll look, sound, what others will think, etc. is NOT having a successful business, getting sales, getting leads, attracting ideal clients and continuing to be stuck and not progressing!


But hands down, one of the top sales and lead generating activities that you can do is live video.

Video is the number one way for a potential client to see YOU! It's the easiest way for them to get to know YOU next to in person interaction!

Through video they get to see:

Your personality
Your energy
Your expertise 

You get to hook, line, and sink them by just being YOU and posting a video. If you want that live video script I mentioned earlier, to create videos that position you as the expert, AND sell yo' stuff, CLICK HERE

Better yet, use live video to drive traffic to your email list!! Then you can start having multiple touch points with them,

You may have heard people need to see your stuff about 7 times before they will buy. And that's actually not true.

It's more like 16+!!

You can also use live video to invite people to have a conversation with you!

Which leads into the next big activity you can do to generate leads and get sales directly...

4 - Get your people on the phone!

This is especially true and necessary if you're wanting to sell a high ticket item, generally any offer over $2000 they will probably need to speak to you personally.

Have a conversation with them. Show up as the expert you are. Ask them questions they need to figure out. Figure out the problems that you can help them fix. I like to call this the FIERCE sales syntax for powerful calls that are of service and prompt your dream clients to raise their hand and ask to work with you!

Frame the call - Make sure you build rapport, then let them know you'll be taking a deep dive into their current situation, and at the end IF you can help, you will let them know how. This sets up the expectation so they aren't surprised at the end when you speak about your offer

Investigate the pain and the problems. Ask questions, dig deep. What is keeping them up at night? what happens if they don't fix this. If they don't feel the gravity and urgency to take BIG MASSIVE action, they WILL NOT do it and give you some lame excuses instead and never solve their problem

Explain the REAL problem - summarize their problem and issues, their current hell and what happens if they don't do something ASAP. Resist temptation to coach or give them a bandaid (free tips and advice)

Require commitment and readiness. This is where THEY get to tell YOU why YOU should offer them an invitation to work together. You are not a monkey doing a circus act for them auditioning to show why they should give you money. This is where you sit back and seize them up to make sure they are going to be dream clients. YOU are the expert and you have what they need. 

Conditions of the Offer AKA the SOLUTION. This is where you tell them HOW you will help them, how your program/mentorship/offer is exactly what they've been needing and looking for. Connect back to what they told you they struggle with. Stand in your power, 

Enroll into your awesome mentorship/program The most committed will take action right then and there and sign up on the call with you if you know how to do this skillfully. Give them an irresistible reason to enroll right away. You may want to think its pushy, but the truth is most people don't ever come back and work with you after that initial call. And typically do NOT solve their problem. Sales is service! Don't forget it.

This is exactly how my clients and I continually book $5k and even $10k clients with ease and in integrity! You can do this too!

At the end of the day, It's not hard to build a successful business.

We make it hard. 

Getting clients is not hard. If you're still struggling with getting clients get guidance, get a mentor to help you with those areas you don't feel confident or competent in.

Get someone who is steps ahead of you, who has a level of success you are craving, that knows what they're doing.

If you want to explore if I can help you, and to finally create a game plan to blow it out of the water in 2020, then apply for a 1:1 strategy call with me.

You can click here to book a FREE 1:1 session with me or someone on my team trained and qualified by me personally. This will be zero pressure, we will take a magnifying glass to your business, and come up with a plan for success and scaling! If I can help you further, and you'd like to know more we can discuss it then.

Finally I leave you with this:

If you could have gotten to where you wanted to be in this business alone and with this current situation you're in, you would have done it already. You wouldn't need help.

But, if you're struggling it's your decision to make if you will go into 2020 the same way.

You're meant to be in the spotlight. You're meant for BIG things and you know it. So step up to your calling!

Much love,

Desi xo