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Hey Gorgeous!

Today I'm talking about funks. And before you start busting out some PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WYTE BOI, that's not exactly today's topic.

Raise your hand if you've ever fallen into some "funks" while on this path of entrepreneurship.



Ahem, all of our hands should be raised. 😳


These "funks" can come out of nowhere. Or they can be triggered by different things.

I haven't landed a client in weeks...

I'm BORED and uninspired....

I don't feel like doing anything....

No one ever comments on my posts anyway...

I'm not making enough money in my business...

You probably catch the drift...

Honestly, funks are just part of life. They WILL come to the best of us. But staying in that low vibrational energetic space will suck the life out of you and kill your business.

Your clients buy YOU. And your ENERGY!

And if you're a sad sack of uninspired potatoes and showing up that way online or offline, ain't nobody buying your special secret sauce!

What happens when we continually stay in a place of discouragement, frustration, stress, etc.?

We jump down this rabbit hole of questioning every.little.thing about our business and what we are doing!

Maybe I'm not meant to do this...
Maybe success isn't for me...
Maybe I need to just quit....
Maybe I'm not meant to have the abundance, the money, or the clients....

STOP! Pump the breaks, sis!


STOP the SPIN before it gets out of control!


I'm telling you from personal experience, if you don't know how to quickly catch yourself when you are starting to spin with your frustration, boredom, discouragement, etc. you're going to spiral out of control and do some serious damage!!!

It's only going to get worse unless you catch yourself and CHOOSE DIFFERENT EMOTIONS!

Why is that? Because when you're only focusing on the negative, you're only going to see negative results. You can't possibly focus on more than one thing at a time.

When you get into this head space it's hard to get out of it.

Trust me, I've been there.

It's hard, but it's not impossible! 

At the end of the day, it's your decision to get yourself of the funk. Everything that you do is a decision.

It can either be a decision to stay in the funk and wallow in the pity party, or get yourself the heck out of it ASAP. You are in control of how you react to situations, and how you respond.

Whenever you get in a funk, there are two things that I want you to do:

First things first -

Acknowledge that you're in a negative headspace.

You have to admit to yourself that you're in a funk. Once you admit this, you can figure out the triggers and work on moving past it. Use this as a learning opportunity.

Get your t-shirt, build that bridge, and get over it. #sorrynotsorry

Listen, I know this is tough love, but you've got to get over the funks in order to move onward and upward.

Second -

Find something exciting and fun to add to your routine

My fave ways?

Switch up your morning routine. Do a new meditation, new exercise routine you will actually do and have fun with that MOVES YOUR BODY!

Motion changes EMOTION!

Play awesome music you can't help but sing and dance too while you work, or just have little dance breaks in between :).

Here is my personal DANCE/SING break playlist if you need new ideas -

I also love journaling, and doing a good ole brain dump of what I've been feeling. And releasing whatever is no longer in service with love!

Do anything new and different! Just pick something that's exciting for you!

I know we all can be creatures of habit. But sometimes we've got to create new habits and new rituals to help us get out of those funks.

The bottom line is that you need to do whatever it takes to get yourself out of the spin.

The spinning and negative energy will only keep you on the sidelines, invisible!

You're meant to be the star of the game, not on the sidelines. 

What is one lesson you've learned from being in a funk of discouragement and/or frustration? I would love for you to share your stories in the comments below so others can benefit too.

Much love,

Desi xo

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