Total Beauty, Style and Fitness Transformation

fitness and image transformation


Do you feel at all unhappy with your appearance? Looks may not be everything, but it's a fact that when we look our best, we feel our best. Being beautiful is more a skill than an inherent trait we are born with.
In this session, I will show you specific strategies to look (and feel) flawlessly beautiful from head to toe. Stop feeling unattractive and letting this hold you back from your greatest potential and happiness! Love and invest in yourself!
Some of what's included:
  • Six hours of learning and working with me split up how you want.
  • Two fifteen-minute accountability calls
  • Unlimited emails and texts.
  • How to develop your personal style and work with your current wardrobe.
  • Wardrobe makeover/Closet analysis
  • Find what styles and colors bring out your best features and hide unwanted areas.
  • Comprehensive makeup lesson and best products for your features and complexion.
  • How to have and style hair everyone compliments and loves with minimal effort.
  • Learn to shop in a way that you MAKE money back, every single time, at every single store.
  • How to, and when to shop the best deals to get more bang for your buck!
  • Learn all my strategies to become and stay fit. No personal trainer required. Just an accountability buddy (me!) and self-discipline.
  • One week of healthy meal recipes you can replicate to lose or maintain your hard earned work.
  • Supplement recommendations and where to get the best deals.
  • And much more!

Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with me for more info and a personalized quote.

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