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Hello Gorgeous!

I hope everyone had an amazing Holiday season. Can you believe that it's 2020?!?

It's a New Year which means you probably have set new goals for your business.

This year, I'm going to land my first client at $3000 or more.
This year, I'm going to launch my first course.
This year, I'm going to have my first 10k month.
This year, I'm going to break 100k. 
This year, I'm going to go live 3x a week. 


Those are all wonderful goals.

The sad reality is that most people do NOT hit their intended goals, or even get close, because they GIVE UP far too soon, way before they actually see the fruits of their labors and/or create the new habits necessary for the goal to happen!

What I have found is that success in any area is not really about creating brand new goals or reinventing the wheel....

The real goal needs to be to KEEP GOING!



I know, its not sexy, it's not glamorous and certainly nothing new. But if you don't KEEP GOING and pushing through the uncomfortable phase of building those new habits and rituals that will get you you desired outcome, you will give up far too soon!

In business it looks like this:

You posted one video, but no one "liked it" or even saw it....keep going
You created a new freebie to build your list, yet only an underwhelming handful of people signed up....keep going
You are frustrated because you've went live 10 times and no one signed up for your package...keep going
You have been visualizing and meditating on those $10K months for weeks now, yet don't see it happening in physical reality yet.....keep going

The entrepreneurial race isn't about who can get to where they want to be the fastest, it's about laying the strong foundation so that you can build a lasting business.

You have to build massive resiliency and endurance for the long haul! Don't fall into the trap of thinking something will suddenly be different just because you are a little excited cause it's a new year, without YOU becoming a new version of yourself!

I see waaaayy too many amazing and talented coaches and experts who just give up way too soon!

So you made one video but no one saw it. Guess what? It takes time to build the audience, and a relationship with people to even keep watching you. You're not going to become an overnight success. #realtalk. You have to keep going, keep pushing, and keep going live.

The upside is that if you are just starting to build your online presence, this is the perfect practice ground to mess up, look dumb, and whatever other fear you have...cause no one is really watching 🤪. Look for the silver lining! Plus - everyone starts at zero. It's part of the journey.

Another trap I see many fall into is vanity metrics and comparison. There's the myth that if you just get enough followers on social media, THEN you will have success and more clients!

While marketing can be a numbers game, what I see happening more is comparisonitis overtaking and discouraging way too many women business owners!

Maybe you only have 100 followers while everyone else seems to have thousands. We've all been there. You're not the first coach/consultant/entrepreneur to have a small following. It takes TIME to grow your following. I promise, 1000 very targeted fans will convert much better than 10K random people.

Vanity metrics like followers and likes ain't payin yo bills anytime soon, sis!

Don't waste your energy on gaining followers who are not your ideal clients. You want your followers to be people who actually will engage and purchase from you!

I say all of this to be an encouragement to you and not be let down unnecessarily. I hate it when experts working hard to be visible (especially in the online space) set themselves up for failure by having unrealistic expectations or focusing on what actually doesn't matter for your bottom line.

Don't get me wrong, it's great to set high goals for yourself. But there is a HUGE difference between setting realistic and unrealistic goals.

Realistic: I will grow my email list from 100 to 1,500 QUALIFIED ideal clients in my niche by the end of the year.
Unrealistic: I will grow my Instagram followers from 100 to 25,000 by the end of the year.


See the difference?

One is just focused on a number, the other may seem smaller numbers wise, but the real numbers will show up in your bank account if you catch my flow :).

If you're still struggling with setting realistic goals for your business for the New Year, I suggest finding you a mentor and guidance system to accelerate the timeline and give you a proven roadmap to get you where you wanna go and then hold you accountable!

Whatever your next step is, I would love to support you in figuring out exactly what is and isn't working right now and how to get to where you want to go.

If you want to grow exponentially, attract lots more of your dream clients vs just a ton of followers to "look good" and not waste precious time on activities that will just distract vs convert, I'd love to see if I can support you!

I am looking for FIVE women coaches and experts who want to add $5K-10K per month in the next 90 days without being glued to social media and their devices 24-7! 

I can't help everyone though.

You need to have already worked with clients, know your niche and who you serve and offer a transformational results that can command a premium investment ($2k or more).

If you are wondering if that's you, just shoot me a DM on Facebook and we can chat and make sure it's a great fit before even hopping on a call if needed! If there's something I feel is better suited for you I will direct you that way.

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Just send me a message with the word BLOG and I will know you came through here and what you are looking to chat about.

Trust that inner voice that tells you you are meant for BIG things in 2020! Look forward to chatting more