How to Boost Engagement on Livestreams

If you've landed here, you probably want more engagement on your livestreams, right? You can either watch the video below, or keep reading if you prefer that!

There's four different ways you can use to boost your engagement on livestreams. One of the ways is to keep your livestreams under 10 minutes, if possible. The shorter, the better.

Keep them short at first so that you can start hooking people in. Once you are putting short and sweet videos out there, that are valuable, new people will watch and think, "Oh, it's just five minutes, and that title sounds really juicy, so I'm gonna click cause I wanna to learn more about that."

If you're just starting out and you haven't been doing livestreams for a while and you're NOT Beyonce... Because if you're Beyonce, you can probably do a live stream for 24 hours and have a million people watching, keep it short.

The second thing is to write a compelling title for your ideal client. Whoever that is, let's say if you are someone who works with people with autoimmune diseases, you're gonna have to come up with a title that's probably a little different than your average personal trainer or a fitness coach.

Make sure that you are very in tune with who your ideal client is and what the big problem is that you solve for them, and all of your titles should be based around that. Obviously, you're gonna cover different topics, but everything should come down to that big problem or those big issues that they have that they can't get over and that you can help them with.

So make sure that your titles are super juicy and make them think, "I have to know what this is. Maybe she can help me. Maybe there's something in there that I can learn from this." Make your titles irresistible!

Third thing is, as you're doing your livestreams, ask questions, or give people some small call to actions. Get people to do something while they're on your livestreams. Instead of just idly watching, get them to do something.

Whether it's just tapping on the little hearts or on the likes, or if it's commenting or anything like that, get people involved and ask them, things that are just easy, they're no-brainers, they don't have to think too hard about it.

Ask questions like, "What do you do? Or where are you from?" Those really simple questions like that are really effective in getting people engaged. About 70% to 90% of the people who will watch your video are on the replay.

So even if you're not getting a ton of comments while you're live, you're gonna get a lot more of them on the replay. Make sure to talk to the replay viewers throughout your live stream, not just the people live, because most of the people that are watching will be your replay viewers.

Boost Facebook live reach overcome fear of live video

The fourth strategy is to notify people when you're gonna do your livestreams, before you do them. Sometime it’s okay to be spontaneous and just hop on live, and I have totally done that and I still do at times, but most of my live streams, I plan out at least a few hours, sometimes maybe just an hour ahead of time. By far the planned out ones get much more reach and views. Make sure you let people know by emailing your list, posting it on your Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, etc. Give them a reason to come watch you live, whether its being able to ask you questions, or a giveaway, or no replay, etc.

A powerful title will have either numbers, or you can use timeframes, use words like, "how," "when," "what," etc. A couple of examples for you would be, if you're a relationship coach or a love coach, for example, "Five Ways to Land a First Date With an Attractive, High Quality Man."

Or if you're maybe a weight loss coach, "How to Lose 8% Body Fat in Three Weeks." See how I'm using numbers and I'm using specific timeframes there? Those things are really powerful, because if you're kinda vague and you're just saying something like "How to lose weight," people may join but it’s not as compelling as the first one.

But if it's like, "How to Lose 8% Body Fat in Three Weeks," and you are wanting to lose weight, you will watch that video. Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client. Many times, if you're a coach or you're a consultant or you provide a service, you've already been in the shoes of your ideal client. So you can take yourself back to that point and think, "Oh, this is what that felt like and what I would have wanted to know at that time.” There’s nothing more powerful than being able to get inside your ideal client’s mind and be able to articulate what they are feeling and desiring.

These are four great ways that you can boost your engagement and reach on live streams.

Bonus tip: I know that Facebook Live can be nerve-racking. I get it, I've been there. Sometimes, it still brings up some fears in me, even though I have been doing this for years now. It's nerve-racking for probably 95% of the population. There's that 5% that are just freakishly confident and just love these kind of things. But for the vast majority of us, live streaming, public speaking, is scarier than dying. The number one fear people report having is public speaking, and THEN dying, just to put things into context.

If you are just starting out with live streams and you're putting yourself out there, don't spend the first five minutes of your live stream going on and on about how nervous you are, and how, "Oh, my gosh," you're so afraid of messing up and like, "Oh, my gosh. What if my... " Just don't…that is making it about you, and not a great way to show confidence and position yourself as an expert. You can position yourself as an expert even as a newbie without all that franticness.

Something else to help take the pressure off of you, because at the end of the day, if you're a service-based entrepreneur in any way, you're doing this to help other people, you're not doing it just to be a Beyonce-type diva, right?

Come from a place of service, put yourself in that place of, "I know I'm meant to help certain people. I have certain skill sets that will help solve a lot of problems for people, so let me come from that place of service." And take yourself out of it. It's not about you, it really isn't. Once you remind yourself that what you're doing is to help other people, it should take some of the fear out and replace it with a sense of love for those you can help.

Put out a call to action when appropriate. Now, I don't think that you should be telling people about your high-ticket program, especially if you're charging premium prices, I don't think Facebook Live is necessarily the place to talk about those things. Save that for your discovery calls.

However, at least one or two out of five times that I do a live stream, I put some call to actions, very specific call to actions out there, such as, "Go grab my free five-part course. If you want more tips on visibility and how to prep yourself. It's totally free. And you can just click the sign-up button."

Another thing that you can also do on live streams that's really effective is offer some free 20 to 30-minute sessions where you are really just offering value to people, and then at the end, you can say, "Hey, do you wanna know more about what I do?" And honestly, when you've offered so much value to people, you've done a live for them, you've gotten on a call with them, you're giving them so much value, I've never had anyone say, "No." That sets you up to transition into a discovery call to discuss working together.

Come back and engage with the comments. When you start commenting on Facebook it starts showing up on people's feeds again. And the same goes in groups, whatever comment is getting engagement gets put to the top. So come back and answer people, keeping the convo going in the comments as well.

A quick recap –

1 - Keep your live stream shorter, 5-10 minutes, so that new, replay viewers are more likely to watch the whole thing. I actually just coached someone on this. She was like, "I'm doing these live videos and no engagement." They were 30 minutes long and she was not getting any engagement on them. I asked her, "Why don't you shorten it? Do it under 10 minutes." And, boom, engagement went up right away!

2- Write a compelling title. Use numbers, use timeframes, make it super juicy for your ideal client.

3 - Ask questions and ask people to engage with you throughout your live stream, including the replay viewers. So drop comments like, "Give me some likes, or drop this emoji below if this resonates."

4 - Notify people of your live streams before you actually do them, no more than a day or two days before you actually do your live strea.

If this was of value, please share it, and let me know in the comments what you think or any questions you may have.

Xo Desi