I worked with Desiree because I wasn't comfortable with being visible online especially with recording live videos. Desiree helped me tremendously, plus she gave me great strategies to implement in my business right away. I got clear about what should I focus on in my business. Desiree gave me great strategies on how can I better my business.

I became instantly more confident about recording live videos. She also helped me with some aspects of my business that have been problematic for a long while. Desiree is an amazing coach. She always gives so much and truly cares about her clients.

Janya J.   Law of Attraction Coach

I struggled with the direction of my business, overall strategy, visibility, and being confident as an expert for 8 months! I didn't know how to get comfortable on camera and feel 100% good in my skin.

Since working with Desiree, I've signed up my first premium client after just 6 sessions together! I have become much more confident on camera, and in life. I've learned about the importance of progress and systems over perfection and trying everything in a row. I got so much clarity on where I want to take my passion - my business! I have so much more joy doing it all! I feel like I will achieve all my big and small goals much faster now. I feel no fears of failure or doubts about me, my skills or business! Hire Desi while you can! She is a life saver!

Anya P., Nutrition Coach and Educator

I reached out to Desiree because I saw she specialized in very beginner entrepreneurs. Upon speaking with her I did not even have a business yet. My business plan was very scattered as I had not decided on a service and was looking for some direction from Desiree. She probed me to really dig into the specifics of my service. Speaking to her aloud helped me truly realize how much I wanted to pursue my passion for writing. Furthermore, after going through my interests and how I could turn these interests into a business, she helped me identify my niche and pinpoint exactly what path I need to take.

Desiree helped give me a clear direction on how to get my business going. I know the first step of any business is it's foundation, and Desiree helped me fill in the wholes with mine. She also provided me with ample resources to get me started.

Dani P., Copywriter, Calgary, AB

Before working with Desiree, I wasn't confident in my expertise, pricing or branding. After working with her, I gained practical advice on things I can do on a daily basis in both my business and personal life to increase my confidence and feel more comfortable increasing my visibility. I learned the importance of mindset in the energy I am putting out there and it affects my ability to connect with clients who will value my experience and skills. 

I felt an immediate shift in my confidence. Desiree teaching me how to take stock of my strengths and accomplishments, how to avoid comparing my journey to others and how to use my mindset to create positive energy and alignment both personally and professionally helped me to feel confident in moving forward in my business and welcoming success.

Lara L., Launch Support Specialist

I wanted some clarity and direction as to what steps I should be taking to move my biz forward and reach the goals I have set for myself in 2017. Desiree shared a lot of helpful info, tips, and together we came up with action steps that I can implement in my biz immediately to begin to grow my target audience & email list to gear up for my upcoming launch. I feel much more confident, focused, less overwhelmed and clear about what steps to take. I'm so grateful for everything I've gained from our coaching, and can't wait to see where everything goes!

Stephanie B., Mindset Coach

I have spoken to countless "experts" in design, website design, style, and branding and none gave me as much value as Desi did after just the first session. She knows how to explain it in an easy-to-understand form, and her experience in business also gives her that extra edge and vision to know how to advice those of us in business with the right style, class, and vision. Best part about talking to her is that she did not even talk down to me or expect me to know the obvious about branding and design.

I'm so happy with my takeaways from Desi and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get massive confidence in themselves, their brand and their business. She's influencing in a big way and using her talents for good. I will forever be thankful for her guidance.

Krysta B., Soulful Business Strategist, Miami, FL

I was so excited to be able to coach with Desiree, because I knew that doubts and fears were keeping me from reaching my true potential in my business. Within just the first 20 minutes, I had a practical, easy framework for dealing with fear and doubts when they arise.

Despite reading lots of books and working with other coaches and consultants, no one had ever explained it quite so straightforward before. She could help because she knew exactly what I was experiencing and had overcome it herself. Desiree is a great listener, and I loved how she kept the coaching on track with our goal. Getting coached by Desiree allowed me to patch a hole that was draining my success and abundance before, but is now tiny and getting smaller everyday. Thank you, Desiree!

Anna W. Online Marketing Coach

Desirée is an incredibly action oriented, passionate and detailed brand coach. She brought me a LOT of actionable strategy a beautiful intensive session. She was clear, amiable, her flare and passion for what she does and knows were clear. She really let herself shine and I felt very supported. If you're unsure about strategy and how to get yourself out there in the steps you can take (with ease) Desirée is definitely the coach for you!

Lynn Jarvis, Intuitive Healer and Author 

Desiree helped me to get really specific about who I wanted to reach with my business and what problem I was addressing for them. Before my call, my vision was the equivalent of reading glasses; not bad, but could be better. Desiree, on the other hand, gave me a microscope to look at my business plan through; a close-up focus. Thank you for helping me impress the little girl within me that knew I could do it! I don't want to let her down and kill her dreams, so to speak, so I've just gotta pursue this.

Avonlea M. Business Owner