Are you afraid of being visible and putting your brand out there?

Hey everyone so today I'm coming at you because I felt prompted to talk to you about something that’s been on my mind non-stop lately. How visible are you really in your business? Hint: posting in a bunch of Facebook groups every day doesn't translate to rock solid visibility that will get you your first clients!

So many of you have reached me either through my Facebook group, Facebook ad, other Facebook groups, or my opt in. And one thing I know about you, if my opt-in was of interest to you, is that you still have some fear of being visible in your business.

Whether it's the fear of visibility or fears like “what are people going to think about me,” “are people going to judge me,” “am I actually an expert,” “am I really good enough,” or “public speaking terrifies me and I am afraid of getting in front of people or in front of an audience.” Whether that's on live stream or whether that's on stage, it can be terrifying and I totally get it.

I have felt those feelings and sometimes I still do! Don't get me wrong, I now love public speaking and I love live streaming and everything that entails sharing my message. But it wasn't always that way. And I still sometimes get a little nervous because I'm still human and I'm not perfect, and that thought of “will someone not like me or judge me?” will still creep up at times.

How to Move Past the Fears and be Seen

The only reason that I actually got more confident and comfortable at public speaking and  live streams was by first accepting the fear I felt and allowing it to be there by realizing that it is a human instinct, a natural reaction felt when faced with a new situation or something we believe is potentially “dangerous.” Our brains are wired to protect us from danger. So when our brains think that something we're about to do is endangering us, it goes into that fight or flight mode, which is the feeling that makes our heart race fast, palms get sweaty, voice shake, etc.

Now the thing about fear is you really have to ask yourself, “what has the fear done for you?” “How has that fear that you've felt in the past about live streaming or about being visible in a big way in your business benefited you?”

If the fear has actually helped you in some way, then, by all means, continue to give into it, continue to hide, continue to play small and continue to do what you've been doing.

If you're like me, the fear has not served you one bit because all fear does is try to protect you. But are you going to die if you do a live stream? You might feel like you are right? It feels that way because death is not the first fear that people have across-the-board. The number-one fear that people have before anything else, including death, is public speaking! So if you literally feel like you might die if you’re going to get up on stage or do a live stream, you are not alone and the feeling is actually normal and expected!

Accepting the Fear and Uncertainty

So, the first thing you have to do to overcome this fear is to accept the uncertainty and accept that you are in the beginner stage of something new.  

For example, when you’re going to learn to ride a bike, or you’re learning to swim for the first time, there’s an uncertainty.  You are a beginner and you don’t have enough experience with it. So it most likely felt scary the first few times you did it.

The minute you start accepting and allowing yourself to be a beginner, and that it’s okay to not know what lies ahead, but instead stepping forward with faith, believing that what you most desire is ahead of you, soon you are going to reap massive rewards and massive blessings.

That’s the first step. Accepting the unknown and the uncertainty and knowing that stepping out in the face of fear requires much faith

I’ve talked a lot about faith, whether you’re religious or not, it doesn’t matter. Faith is believing that something is real before you can actually see it with your physical eyes. Whether you call it the Universe and the law of attraction or whether you talk about faith in the terms of God and Jesus Christ. Whatever it is, that’s what faith is.

So just ask yourself “what has this fear done for me?” Has it actually served you in getting closer to your goals and desires? If it hasn’t served you, who is missing out because you’re not sharing your message? Who is missing out and hurting because you are scared and fearful of being visible?

The only way to gain confidence in something is to take courageous action. If you don’t take any action, or are inconsistent,  you’re not going to gain that confidence you need to really position yourself as an expert and book your dream clients and have amazing success in your business. The only way to get good at something, to get confident at it, is to do it, over and over! So what you really require in the beginning stages is courage. Courage will build your confidence if you use it consistently.

So have the courage today to get visible, to do that live stream. I promise you, if you just muster up some courage, pray for courage, whatever it is you need to overcome that fear and actually start doing it, you will, in time, gain more and more confidence.

And tomorrow, rinse and repeat :).

What questions do you have on this? Thoughts, comments, insights? Post them below!