Today,  I just wanted to quickly address a topic that it seems is a very, very common mindset among newer entrepreneurs, people who are just stepping into the online world. Maybe it’s their first time doing coaching or consulting or anything like that. And it's something that I know I personally went through.  It's this mindset of, "Am I really an expert? Am I really qualified to talk about this, or to say these things, or to teach people about…,” whatever it is that you're wanting to teach people about.

Am I Really Qualified?

The first question or thought that most people have is “Am I really qualified? Am I really an expert? Can I really call myself an expert?” That is a very common thought that new entrepreneurs have. And here's the thing, we all have something that we have overcome, something that we've learned, something that we are qualified to teach someone else. And I think a big thing, just in the society that we live in, is we're told we have to go out and get a degree. We have to go to college, we have to get these certifications and all this education to be able to do anything worthwhile or have a worthwhile career in the world.

And to a certain degree that’s true.  Obviously if you're a doctor or you're a lawyer, you do have to have a formal education to call yourself a lawyer or a doctor or to be able to have a practice, right? And that's just kind of expected if you're in that arena.

Show Your Results

However, if you're a coach, a blogger, a consultant, people want to know about your personal experience with your topic. I say this because when I first started in the online world, I started with a blog. And even to write a blog, even to share what I know about fashion and beauty and personal branding, I felt like, "Well, who am I? Who am I to say this?"  People are gonna think, "Well, who does she think she is? She thinks she's like a little Marilyn Monroe or like a Paris Hilton. Who is she talk about those topics?"

And the thing is I was actually having tons of people asking me questions about it all the time. About makeup, about where I bought my clothes, and how I put things together. I was already getting all those questions. But for some reason, I still felt, "Well, I need to go get an image consulting certificate or something to officially be able to do this."

And, granted, for some things, that can help you and it can help your credibility, but at the end of the day, it’s about your actual experience. Think about when you're applying for a job. Even jobs nowadays, what do they most care about? Do they care whether you have a bachelor's degree in something? Or are they going to give more importance to your experience and the results you’ve gotten? It's gonna be the latter.

So that's the biggest thing that you are gonna wanna show people is that you can provide results. Even if you've just done it for yourself. If you've done it for yourself, you have already achieved an outcome that your ideal client wants for themselves. So, for example, someone that has lost 80 pounds. Whatever they did, obviously they've achieved a certain outcome. And they may not have become a personal trainer or gotten any certification in health and fitness, but, they know a thing or two about weight loss. And someone who is in that same boat, with a similar story, maybe they have some type of disease or something that is preventing them from losing the weight, and you have already been in their shoes, you've already achieved an outcome that person desires more than anything. Just that alone, qualifies you to teach that person about that topic.

Read and Learn About Your Topic

Another thing to keep in mind, to be able to call yourself an expert or to help people, you can become an expert by filling your brain with knowledge. Whether that's through books, or through searching the Internet and finding more in-depth knowledge. You can Google things and find a lot of great information there. But the biggest thing you can do is read books. Just read. Field your knowledge. You do not need to go to college and pay thousands of dollars and study a topic just to call yourself knowledgeable or an expert in a field.

Whatever it is that you're wanting to teach people, if you feel like maybe you're lacking some knowledge, and maybe you are, I mean, we don't know everything. Nobody knows everything. I think a lot of times we get caught up in thinking, "Well, for me to teach anything about life coaching, I have to be like Oprah or Tony Robbins or at that level." But that's not true. The truth is that you can actually become an expert on a topic just by reading books.

Reading books already puts you so much further ahead of the game than most people because most people aren't spending their time reading. They're spending their time watching Netflix. They're spending their time playing video games, or just watching TV or doing other time-wasting activities. And very few people in the world actually take enough time out of every single day to read a book and actually become an expert on a topic.

I wanted to address this because I feel like this is such a common thing, but it has to be overcome. If you can't overcome this, and you can't get over the whole, "Am I expert? Can I really help people?" There's gonna be people out there who are missing out on you, on your specific story, and the way that you can help them. You are leaving them hanging, in a way. And it's because you can't overcome your own fears and your own insecurities about this particular topic of feeling like a real expert.

That's my advice to anyone who feels like they're just not an expert or they're not really qualified to do this. Become that expert. Boost your own confidence by gaining more knowledge and reading books on your topic. If you were to just dedicate even 30 minutes to an hour reading about your topic every single day, in six months to a year, you are gonna be 10 times further than most people in that topic, even people who have been doing it for years. And that's just because you are filling your mind with that knowledge, and I think that's a super important thing to do when you want to feel like you're an expert on a topic.

Just from being in that situation myself where I felt like, "Well, I don't know if I could really talk about this," I just started filling my brain with knowledge, I should say, and then sharing what I was learning. And I found that the things that we think that people already know, most of the time people don't know. So don't think that just because you think something’s obvious, "Oh, people already know about losing weight." Well, what do you have to bring to the table? How did you personally do it? What's your personal story? And that's what people relate to, is personal stories.

There's no need to let that hold you back from actually sharing your message and helping others, because whatever new outcomes you've achieved in life, there's someone that is a few steps behind you that you can help, and that you can help better than someone who is 20 steps ahead of them because you can relate to them better. Remember that.

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