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Hey Gorgeous!

Do you know Tony Robbins? Of course you do!

Just about every business owner online knows Tony Robbins.

In case you don't know him. That's ok. He is a world-renowned business and life coach highly sought after by many, including celebrities.

One of my favorite quotes from Tony that I have found to be 100% true is  "80 percent of your success in business is psychology, and the other 20% is mechanics."

Major truth bomb 💣sis

Let me help break it down for you.

80% of the work in getting to a six figure business that is stable and thriving is your beliefs AKA your mindset. 20% of the work is the marketing strategy, the funnels, the social media, etc.

THE BIG PROBLEM? Most entrepreneurs only focus on the 20%! They are concerned about the next "big thing." The next shiny object that they think will get them to the next level. Always looking left and right for some secret sauce, the 5 step system that will suddenly make them their millions when they "plug it in."

REALITY: that might have worked back in 2010, as my own mentor says, when everyone had the same ugly landing page, exact same copy and that's how everyone had success online!

Not only that, but what if your belief system about life, money and business isn't aligned with what you externally say you want?

It's like the women in the dating world saying left and right she wants to get married and find "the one" more than anything, yet she constantly complains about how "all men are the same, all men are non-committal, they want the younger girls, the good ones are all taken, etc." 

This is NOT aligned! It's no wonder she keeps recreating the same patterns in relationships, same scenario, different man, every single time!

I see women doing the same thing in their businesses over and over.

I've seen first hand women who are in fantasy land when it comes to their business. They want to make $10K months, yet they aren't posting on social media consistently, and when they do they feel like that come off spammy. Or they are only posting things with the agenda and energy of "I NEED TO MAKE MONEY." Which is fear based!

People WILL feel that energy sub-consciously and run from you.

Just like the tall, dark and handsome successful guy that asks a pretty girl on a few dates, feels her "I need you to love me so I feel worthy and validated and also so I can have babies before my eggs rot" and suddenly he is nowhere to be seen, or claims that "something just doesn't feel right, I don't know what it is cause you're so wonderful, great, beautiful, etc." 

There you have it. Check your beliefs, check your language, how are you talking about yourself, how are you feeling on a consistent basis about your business?



Then we have the women who KNOW they have a problem. BUT they are unwilling to make themselves uncomfortable in order to get the job done

You know what I have to say about that?

Welcome to entrepreneurship. Everything is uncomfortable if you want to be successful.....everything!

If you think for a second that any coach, course, or anything outside of yourself will make you successful, think again. 

I'm telling you this out of love. I too once thought that I was going to find the "secret sauce" from a coach or course that was going to make me successful in my business with the perfect marketing strategy. Nope, I learned the hard way.

The REAL work, the 80, probably 90% of it was me uncovering all my 💩and stop making my business something that was going to give me a certain feeling or degree of happiness.

It's the exact same decision I made just a month before I met my amazing dreamy husband that was literally exactly what I knew I needed and wanted in a man. I decided to STOP needing to be loved and validated by a man, started having fun with dating vs complaining and STRUGGLING all the time, and then before I fell asleep every night, I imagined what it would feel like if that man was in my life NOW. This is what brought that reality to me in the physical form

It's the exact thing I did before I had my first $10K month....I emotionalized it, showed up online from a place of detachment and had FUN on my live videos, giving great content. And few weeks later - BAM! $12K in new clients!

MEN and MONEY....SO many parallels sis!

The biggest lesson learned here?

I'm never going to be successful in my business if I'm only concerned about making money and CHASING IT! 

Should I repeat it for those in the back?

You're never going to be successful in your business if you are just chasing and doing it for more money.

When you SHOW UP from a place of "I'm whole and have everything that I desire already, I'm just here to be of service," combined with a proven marketing strategy and consistency, you will magnetize more money and clients faster than you can understand!

JOURNALING PROMPTS: Why am I passionate about my business? How are you being a service to others? What would it feel like if I had XYZ amount in cash in my bank account NOW? 

Picture it ALL. The amazing clients you are now working with, what you will do with that money received (p.s money goes to where there's a purpose, just having it "sit" there isn't a strong enough purpose), how your life will change, etc.

Once you figure out that part, then it's time to think about the other 20% of your business. Let's talk about that for a sec

A successful six figure coach/expert is consistently marketing. They are consistently putting themselves out there, generating new leads and clients, and they are consistently working on themselves. 

A successful person does not wait and hope for clients to fall out of the sky. If you're struggling with being consistent, or finding your clients, I challenge you to find support. Find someone to help you.


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Finally, I leave you with this. Your success and the money will be an amazing side effect of the impact you're having when you put love and service out into the world.

 Have you experienced this first hand? If you have, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Much love,

Desi xo