The Truth about the Know Like Trust (KLT) Factor

Let's talk a little today about the Know Like Trust (KLT) factor.

Most marketing “gurus” are constantly talking about the Know Like Trust (KLT) factor and how you have to have it in order to attract clients and to have fans, and people coming on your email list and listening to you and watching your videos, etc.

People won't buy from me if I don't have the Know Like Trust factor, right? I actually feel like I was able to develop my Know Like Trust factor pretty early on, luckily, because it was just so repeated to me over and over how important it was to make sure that people knew who I was, they liked me, and that they could trust me; so that I gave off that “trustworthy” vibe and so that they would buy from me!

Guess what? This is what I found…it goes against the grain a little - Just having people Know, Like and Trust you is actually NOT enough! You can either watch the video below or continue reading, if that's what you prefer.

How did I come to this conclusion? Because even from early on in my business, I had hundreds of people that would follow me and that would watch my videos and would engage with me, but then they weren't converting in to paying clients…so what gives?

I literally spent almost a year on videos, posting on social media and building a group, and a community and all that. But I didn't have the paying clients that I wanted for a long time. Now I have consistent 5 figure months in my business, and clients DO buy from the content I put out there. So what finally changed? What is it that you really need to have in order to convert followers and fans to paying clients?

Let me start with clarifying one huge MYTH in the online space. And that is just because you have tons of followers doesn't mean they're all going to turn into clients no matter how amazing you are. The opposite is true as well, you don’t need hundreds and thousands of followers for people to buy from you. There's also going to be those people who are just forever going to be in their excuse land, drama city, and they're just not ever going to invest the way that you know that they should.

There are going to be those people, but I'm referring to the people who you might be leaving on the table, who COULD have been paying clients a long time ago. But because you didn't have this one thing nailed down, they are still just kind of consuming your freebies. And they know you, they like you, they trust you, you've got the Know Like Trust thing down with them, but they're just not willing to pull out their wallet and actually invest.

The Know Like Trust (KLT) Factor is NOT enough to get you consistent, high quality leads and clients!

So what is this one thing that is most likely missing? It’s them seeing and understanding the urgency of needing to work with you. That means that you really need to understand what the consequences will be of them not working with you, and communicating that to them through your videos, through your marketing, and how you're showing up online. The Know Like Trust will do nothing for you if they don't feel any type of urgency to really change this!

If they don't really understand the importance and the consequences of NOT working with you, they're not actually going to fork over the money to work with you. Especially if you're a coach or a consultant and you charge a premium price. They may buy your $30 course, maybe your $100 course, but that's about it because they don't truly see the consequences of getting the “surgery” they need vs. just a “band-aid”.

The most successful personal brands, most successful coaches and consultants that I've seen out there, really nail the Know Like Trust AND the importance of urgency in their messaging. The reason that they're so successful is because they really understand how to communicate urgency to their audience, and how to communicate the need for these people to work with them NOW, and not just, "Oh, it'd be nice. And maybe someday when I have the money I'll work with them." And that's what I see a lot of people missing.

So if you are finding yourself doing livestreams all the time, or putting yourself out there, and your efforts just aren’t converting... and you’re just getting a lot of people who like you and follow you but don’t ever take action, this is happening because your people don't really understand why they need to be working with you, ASAP! They Know Like Trust you, and want to consume your content, but that won't cut it if you sell anything high-ticket.

For example, if you're a health coach or you do anything related to health, what are the real consequences of someone not working with you?

Is it just that they're not going to lose those 20 pounds? Or could it mean that they're eventually going to continue with their emotional eating pattern and to literally eat themselves to their death? It could mean when you don't take care of your body, when you eat out of emotions or eat out of an addiction, eventually you're going to have some kind of disease because you're not taking care of it. As any true health expert knows, it is just a matter of time until life-altering negative consequences happen,  which could lead to death even.

So that's the actual potential consequence if your followers don’t take action now. And that person probably has a family. What does that mean for the rest of their family, for the rest of the people that they love? Maybe they don't see that connection, and that's why they think, "Oh, I really can't afford to spend $2,000 to work with a health coach." “I don't have the money, I can't do this." But that’s where YOU would come in, and help them simply see the TRUTH of their situation, and remaining in it.

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Know like Trust

One of my good friends works with teenage girls and their moms. We were talking and I asked her "What is actually going to happen to these girls if they stop working with you, or if they choose to not work with you?" And obviously she's talking to their moms mostly, but what is actually going to happen? And she said, "Yeah. The girls who have stopped working with me in the past have literally went off and got pregnant and started doing drugs and just dropped out of school."

Then their moms had to take care of this child for them, which means they won't get to retire and they won't get to do the things that they thought they were going to be doing at that point in their lives. Instead they're actually now a mother of their child's child.

She was telling me the story of this one person who that's literally what happened. And this person was like, "Oh no, I can't invest in your coaching because I'm going on a cruise, and we just don't have the money for it.”

And this mom literally had this happen, she chose to not “afford” the coaching for her teenage daughter, and wound up pregnant. We were talking about it and I was telling my friend, "If she would have seen that coming, I'm sure she would have sacrificed her cruise to make sure that she invested in her daughter and that she invested in your coaching." And at that point, $10,000, who cares what you would have charged for it. I'm sure a mother would have tried to come up with that money to save her daughter, right? Now she gets to spend thousands on diapers, baby supplies, and caring for another baby she was not planning on.

If you are in any type of coaching or consulting, whatever you do actually can change lives and can have such a negative consequence if they don't work with you, that's something that you need to communicate to your audience. And that's where I see a lot of people just falling through the cracks and just not getting this right and being focused on ONLY getting people to "Know Like Trust" them.

So if you can get this right, that's where people are going to realize, "Oh, I really need to work with you. It's not a luxury, it's, “If I don't work with you, I could literally die. I could lose my family, I could lose my daughter. I could lose my business. I might have to go back to a nine-to-five job." I know that that's a consequence of people who work with me. Either they'll stay stuck at their nine-to-five that they “love” so much, or they'll have to go back to one. Or they'll be sacrificing time with their family or just being stuck in that financial prison if their business doesn't take off.

That's the thing that you need to figure out for you. What is the consequence of someone not working with you? And communicating that clearly so that people know and people feel that urgency is crucial. People are not going to take big action that's out of their comfort zone until they have some kind of pain that they're trying to get rid of.  People buy to get themselves out of pain! This is something crucial you need to nail down, not only for your marketing and your visibility and your videos, but for your sales calls and your sales conversations.

If you know that you're needing help with this, what you're trying to do online with your online business is just not working because you don't really quite understand those consequences, or you are having trouble conveying that authority and power on your videos and on your content and on your online visibility, I can help you!

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