If you are online entrepreneur, you probably already know that CONTENT IS KING which is why you have been trying to put out content online through your blog and social media. You do your best to plan, to implement, and to deliver but why isn’t it working the way they said it would? Why haven’t you gained any clients from your followers yet? Or worse, why haven’t you gained any followers at all?

I feel that this topic hasn’t been expounded on enough and it's one of the top reasons why a lot of entrepreneurs in the online space are frustrated because their content is just not getting anywhere! In this blog, I’m going to shed some light on this topic and I’ll explain the five top reasons why your content may not be working.

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#1: You’re Just Not Posting Enough

This might seem like an obvious one but apparently, it's not. Some entrepreneurs tell me that they have posted online but when I check out their0 profiles, I see that their last post was two weeks ago of a random graphics and some random video - not exactly the kind of content that would be generating sales. This reminds me so much of my old self two years ago when I sent out two emails to my list and I was baffled as to why nobody signed up!

Part of this issue is also the fear of coming off too spammy. You don't want to post all the time because you don’t want to annoy or bug people so you just don't post and you don't promote and you don't do anything.

The problem with this is you can't just put something out there once or twice and then think that people are just going to magically sign up. In advertising and marketing, there is this famous Rule of 7 that says people must see your promotions seven times before they start engaging and become interested. If you only reach out to your target audience twice, then there is a good chance that you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

What you need to realize is that whether you put out a $100 offer, $1000 offer, or even a $10,000 offer, it's still the same amount of work. The point is that you have to be in front of mind for your prospects no matter what you're selling.

All you have to do is to believe that your product or service is so good that it will be a disservice to your tribe and your community to not share and promote it because you know that when they experience it, it can truly revolutionize the way they lead their lives and their businesses. So post more content and serve by leading with value because when they feel that you have been generously helping them, your offers will be easier to promote and people will be waving their cards ready to buy from you.

#2: It’s Not What People Are Looking For

If you are indeed posting, it's just not what your people are looking for. So if you are posting content maybe it's just not relevant, maybe it's not hitting your ideal client’s pain points, or maybe it's not triggering what it is that they want.

For example, let's say that you're in fitness. As a fitness and health coach, you know that people will need to count their macros, their calorie intake, their greens, etc. These are all TECHNO BABBLE, meaning you are always talking about jargons and things that they don’t really care about. You have to start asking yourself, "What is it that my people want?” They probably want to feel sexy in their skinny jeans or to feel like they can wear a bikini and not have to stand weird because they're trying to hide their gut. These are the things that they want.

To solve this problem, you have to make sure that you know who you're speaking to. When you are clear about who you are speaking to, your messaging becomes so laser-focused that it hits the right psychological triggers. This is what marketing, copywriting, and content writing is all about.

It's so much about psychologically triggering emotion in your person so that when they're reading or hearing your content, they will feel the need to know more about you and what you offer.

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#3: You Are Too Annoying or Spammy

There is only one way to be annoying and that is to constantly promote your business WITHOUT even giving value. You just want to SELL, SELL, SELL! The message that you are giving away is that you just need people’s money and you don’t really care about what they really need and want.

The solution to that is you need to give people what they want. Give before you ask. Giving value can come from education, empowerment, and entertainment. You can revolve your topics around these three but you have to make sure that you give value MORE than you sell. For example, teach them new techniques, tips, and tools that can help them in achieving their desired results. Give them that needed push or inspiration to continue on their journey, you never know who needed to hear your message on that day.

Be creative and put your ideal client’s wants first before your income goals because this will be an easy domino effect later on. Think about what makes them lying awake at night thinking, what they are worried about, what they are excited about. Here are some examples:

  • Are they worried that they're not going to be able to pay their bills?
  • Are they worried that their husband's going to leave them when they become unattractive?
  • Are they worried that they don't have enough energy to play with their little kids and they’re picking dad over mom because she just can't play with them?
  • Are they worried about retirement?
  • Are they insecure about the feast and famine of their income stream right now?
  • Are they not confident in showing up?
  • Are they having a hard time breaking through an income ceiling or plateau?

It could be so many different things, but that's where you have to know your person and know what it is that they want more than anything. When you know their wants, you can start asking what it is that your product or service solving for them. How will their life look like after working with you?

#4: You Are Not Clear Enough

Either your content is not speaking to your person, or it's speaking to everyone.

This is common in the coaching world. I hear coaches say that they “help people live happy lives”. What does that mean? Who are you making? For some people, happiness is a cheeseburger and a pizza. I'm probably one of those people, so... But for other people, it's just being with their family, with their loved ones, that's all they want. They want to stop working so much, they have enough money, and they’re tired of working so much they just want to be home with their family, with their kids. That what happiness is to them. That's what it represents in their mind.

You have to think of specific outcomes. Any generalities and vagueness are costing you the clients that you could be having. So you have to get specific, like what is it that they're going to physically have when they work with you, when they consult with you and when they have your services, what problem gets out in their life? And the best question to ask to find out what that is, what does their life currently look like? What’s actually happening in their life? Do they have kids right now? Are they're single?

If you’re a relationship expert who is helping people find a great relationship, what does their life look like now? Are they just going to work and coming back home to sit and watch Netflix?

What does life look like when they work with you and they find either amazing dates or an amazing relationship? Are they going to do the same things? Probably not. So that's what you have to pay attention to and that's how you start to become irresistible to your people because you're putting something in front of them that's making them roll, that's what they want.

#5: You’re Coming Across as Either Bored or Boring

Why do I say coming across? Because I honestly don't believe that anyone's boring.

When you are being your real true self, you're usually not boring. You usually have fun and interesting things about you that are nowhere close to boring, right? A lot of times when we're boring, it's just because we're filtering ourselves. We’re not being who we truly are.

Just because you are a professional doesn’t mean that you should show up online and talk online using only professional jargons. FYI that is not what people want! Especially if you're a personal brand, people want you to be a real human being – with emotions, stories, and your own kind of crazy.

Bring out your authentic self and don’t put yourself in a box just because you want to look professional. People need to see that they can relate to you and you can only show that if you open up yourself and your own personal stories to them.

A tip from my own experience, when I write content, I think about how would I talk to my closest friends? And that's how I write. If you're on my email list and you have read any of my emails, you know that I use a little slang here and there and that's just how I talk. It's me. That's my voice.

Another problem is when you are not excited about your own content. If you’re bored with your content, your people will be bored. Period. A huge component, especially of live video, specifically is your energy on the live video and how you come across. So if you think your topic is boring and you are not excited to share about it, then everyone else who will be watching your video will be bored too.

Which One Are You Guilty Of?

So which one made you cringe and made you feel guilty? Don’t worry! What’s important right now is you have the enlightenment and tips that you need to improve your content.

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