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Hey Gorgeous!

Are you feeling unclear on that next BIG STEP in your business?

What's holding you back?

Was your first thought - "I have no idea/don't know?" 

This could be the exact problem and block holding you back!

Guess what happens every.single.time. you say any variation of, "I don't know." You make yourself MORE confused and you have even LESS clarity.

Yep, that's right. By continually repeating "I don't know" statements. It's affirming this "reality" to your brain, making it a major focus and a circumstance you continue to attract over and over. This is how to keep attracting that exact thing you DON'T want!

It's a sure way to spin your wheels over and over, not getting anywhere and not taking action to get the results you're looking for

I don't know what my next step is....
I don't know what to do next....
I don't know how to get to my next level...


I know this on a personal level. I used to be right in your shoes. See, I used to say the phrase "I don't know" like it was going out of style. Guess what happened? I kept attracting more and MORE situations where I felt confused, unclear and recreating this reality that I didn't know what to do next, and therefore couldn't move forward.

One day it hit me. I had to stop AFFIRMING to myself those three words. We have to be conscious of our thoughts and beliefs and what we are feeding our brain. How many times do we as women self sabotage ourselves because we tell ourselves "I don't know." When in reality, we definitely know, it's just easier to NOT know because then we get to NOT take the massive, and often uncomfortable action that will take us to the next level.

The BIGGEST lie we can tell ourselves is that we can't find the answers within. Sometimes you might have to dig a little bit more to find the answer if its not readily available as soon as you need it. And guess what? Sometimes it won't be, that's ok! Another way to sabotage your success is buying into the belief that you need to know EVERYTHING and have every piece of the puzzle before moving forward.

If you're honest with yourself - Your proclaimed "lack of clarity" is holding you back from your next level of success and freedom in your business.

If you feel like you're being called out - you are ;), with lots of love. The first step to transformation is acknowledging what's been stopping you. Living in the "I don't know" version of reality is going to keep recreating itself and stopping you, MASSIVELY!

I don't know what to say on a Facebook live, so I'm not going to do it.
I don't know what to sell to grow my business, so I'll just keep sharing free "tips"
I don't know what to post on Instagram.
I don't know how to reach out. 

You catch the drift?

I'm here to say with lots of BOLD love - this is just ANOTHER excuse to not do the things! How many of you are guilty of saying those some variation of those statements? Those excuses or any other XYZ statement similar to that is preventing you from reaching that next level in your business you claim to want more than anything.

Maybe you really are NOT sure at the moment what to do next. But, I'm challenging you to change your language. Instead of saying "I don't know," say, "I'm figuring it out. The answers are coming and I'm still moving forward." Then actually trust and believe that you will find the answers and do everything you DO know to do now!

Once I decided to stop saying "I don't know" over and over, things started shifting quickly.

I decided to trust that the answers were coming. That I didn't need ALL the answers right away, and knew enough to take my next step. And guess what?! Ask and ye shall receive. They came, and kept coming as I kept moving forward in the uncertainty anyway!

Everything you say or do is a decision. Make the decision now to change your language and change your reality! You are always in control!

How are you committed to transforming your reality? Whatever story you believe that is not serving you in your business and not serving you in the way that will help you to show up fully the way that you're meant to?

Also - if you really feel clueless, girlfriend - find yourself a coach/mentor that can help you fill the gaps! No successful person has ever figured it out all by themselves, and we are not meant to. Getting the help and support you need is the most worthwhile investment you can make in yourself and your success!

A good mentor won't be "cheap" or necessarily within your current budget and comfort zone, but personally, anytime I feel unclear or stuck in any way, I always have a mentor with the level of success i'm craving that I can turn to to help me move forward quickly!

Are you ready to make that change? Leave me a comment below and let me know what changes you are going to make.

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